Support Film Access Scotland

Film Access Scotland is a registered charity that relies on funding and donations to deliver its key services. By donating to us you will be supporting our work in changing lives through creating film. Film Access work is not simply about pathways into the film industry; Film Access organisations and practitioners work across sectors to address inequalities and contribute to improved outcomes in education and lifelong learning, community, health and wellbeing and employability settings. 

The key to the success and impact of Film Access organisations is that they are embedded and grown in their local communities and have the power to reach communities with the greatest need. While their great strength is in local grassroots work, they have struggled to be recognised and speak at a national level where policy decisions are made. Limited time and shrinking resources mean that developing Sector-specific training to meet organisational and professional needs has been a challenge. 

A donation from you would go towards Film Access Scotland continuing its work to co-ordinate capacity-building on behalf of the Film Access Sector through providing training, advice and spaces for peer-to-peer learning to its members. This work is critical for everyone in Scotland to have the opportunity to engage with Film Access activities wherever they live and whatever their circumstances.

If you are a UK taxpayer, please consider adding Gift Aid to make your donation go further. 

Find out more about the value of Film Access activities here.

Film Access Scotland is key for organisations like Screen Education Edinburgh and our partners, dedicated to ensuring film learning, production, and training is accessible for all, whilst using the artform to improve confidence, wellbeing, and employability of people, no matter their background or life circumstances.
Working collectively to increase visibility of the sector, share practice, develop our workforce and professional standards, and partner on key programmes, will ensure a stronger, better resourced, and consistently effective sector that offers opportunity and a unique pathway to learn, grow, and work for people across Scotland, especially those facing disadvantage in its many forms.

Graham Fitzpatrick, Screen Education Edinburgh