Over the Edge

The edge between man-made area and natural area seems clear and stable. However, the green area keeps retreating because of the invasion and consumption of humans. Se Jin Park, Pin-Erh Chen, 2020

Pandora’s Box

In the ancient world, the gods created a box which contained all the evils of the world and if opened, they would be released all over the Earth. Today, gods have nothing to do with the bin of human waste which has the power to eradicate us all if we don’t act soon. […]


Preserve tells the story of Patricia who longs for the escapism and solitude of the wilderness. A time where she can read, eat jam sandwiches, and be free from the horrors of her home. Lucinda Lewis, 2020


The earth continues to have technological innovations interwoven between reality. A nomad wanders to replace metallic looking plugged-in flowers with real ones. Adam Andreas, 2019
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