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16th - 18th November 2018, Glasgow
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Glen from Aberdeen

Posted 25th October

Sappenin’ folks, my Name is Glen Christie and I am representing Station House Media Unit (SHMU) from Aberdeen in the North East. Born and raised as pure Aberdonian I have always had a love for media and visual culture, which stands for I watched a lot of tv and movies. As I grew older I began wanting to make something like what I was watching. I remember making a lego stop motion video in Windows Movie Maker as my first ever film. It wasn’t until I was 11 that I was introduced to SHMU and joined their Youth Radio Project.

Since then I have been heavily involved with SHMU’s radio department. When I first started out I was introduced to all the different equipment and attended workshops on building confidence for speaking on live radio. I started by hosting weekday shows such as the ‘Tech Show’ on a Thursday and ‘TGIF’ on a Friday. I would usually host with other people on the weekday shows who were apart of the Youth Radio Project. This also went for the large gathering of the Saturday show which saw all members coming together to host a 3 hour show split up between groups of young people. I slowly began getting involved in more Journalism and Filming which lead me on to be introduced to other youth projects such as BFI, which I am currently doing now.

I became involved in FANS through SHMU. They suggested that I become involved in FANS as I had an interest in watching films and had previously created a film festival through my local independent cinema. In February I, like many other FANS members, attended the first residential at Bunrannoch House in Pitlochry. There I made many new friends and played numerous games of ‘Stacks’. More importantly however we began to slowly create the beginnings of a fantastic Film Festival.

It feels like since the ball began rolling in February it has not stopped and feels like its only picking up more and more speed. With visits to other festivals and looking at how they do things and operate we got more ideas as to how our film festival would run. More gathings, skype meetings and another residential in September has allowed us to get that final punch we needed. With numerous submissions and events under our belts we believe that the FANS Youth Film Festival to be fantastic.

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