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27th - 29th November 2020, Scotland
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Short Film – DIY v’s BFI (#2)

Self-made short films beside the best of the BFI Film Academy shorts. The BFI Film Academy offers the opportunity for young people (16 to 19) to come together to make a fi lm supported by industry professionals. Young people all over Scotland are achieving incredible things with family, friends and limited resources. This strand celebrates the best of both worlds.

Film Screening Saturday 16th November 2019, 14:30 to 16:00

There will be a Q&A with film-makers at this screening

Hector (BFI) – 12 mins

Daniel and his friend Oscar look forward to a gig in a few months and to gain some extra cash Daniel begins giving lifts to people. Through these lifts he meets Sarah. In beginning a new relationship he loses contact with Oscar, and the relationship turns out to be more trouble than imagined.

Made as part of SHMU’s BFI Film Academy

Director: Glen Christie                                                              Producer: Jessica Kelly                                                        Writer: Charlotte Gillies                                                            Editor: Holly McLean:                                                              Cast:  Cowie, Ross Hendry, Niamh Welsh

CONTENT WARNING: Strong Language

The Myth of Sysyphus (DIY) – 13 mins

The Myth of Sisyphus is the basis for the storyline that runs throughout the film, in which Sisyphus carries a television to the summit of a tower each day.  He is presented with a series of vignettes which depict a number of characters linked by their search for meaning in the face of the absurd.

Writers and Directors: Matt Gibb and Ivy Pottinger-Glass  Additional Cinematography: Jared Ziegler                  Score: Matt Gibb                                                                          Cast (in order of appearance): Sisyphus: Jeeva Nagra French Girl: Anouk Cordier Morillo French Guy: Antoine Vriet Diner Guy 1: Jake Waits Diner Guy 2: Jon Migeon Diner Guy 3: Matt Mangione/ Nick Hall (Voice) Fireplace Girl: Tilly Botsford Fireplace Guy: Murid L. Keshtmand Beach Girl: Ivy Pottinger-Glass

Billie (BFI) – 6 mins

Technology is currently a (wo)man’s best friend, but what happens when that friend takes over your life? Billie needed a “virtual home assistant” called ‘Servus’ to get through a rough time, isolating herself under technology’s control. But when Billie gets better and wants to break free back into the outside world, ‘Servus’ won’t let her. She’s trapped.

This film was created as part of the BFI Film Academy Residential Scotland 2019. The film was shot over 2 days and supervised and supported by a film tutor.

Written by: Ryan Barr                                                      Filmmakers: Ryan Barr, Rowen Henderson, Jasmin Hinshelwood, Murray Kingsbury, Max Lawrence, Bea Lent, Molly Lynch, Anna Dermott.                                                        Cast: Rachael Keiller as Billie, Harry Isaac as Servus, Alanah Walker as Elsie.

Nomad (DIY) – 5 mins

The earth continues to have technological innovations interwoven between reality. A nomad wanders to replace metallic looking plugged in flowers with real ones.

Writer/Director/Editor: Adam Andreas                        Producer:  Alexander Waddell                                Cinematography: Joseph Helm                                                Cast:  Keiran Duncan and Sam Stopford                                  Music Composed by Stuart Bramwell

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