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15th - 17th November 2019, Edinburgh
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Short Film – GIRL POWER

Girl Power is the short film strand that celebrates stories about women standing up for what they believe in.

Film Screening Sunday 18th November 2018, 13:15 to 14:15

Box of Frogs – 6 mins  – An aspiring writer dreams bigger than her nine to five job.

Writer, Director, Cinematography & Sound: Louis Martin, Producer: Jack McCann

Moon Girl – 6 mins – A girl who is desperate to go to the moon climbs into the sky and explores a galaxy made of paper.

Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer: Delilah Niel, Sound/Music:  Russell Stewart, VFX: Jack McMenemy 

Cast: Alice Niel 

Warm But with a nice Breeze – 30 sec’s – A woman and her dog enjoy the heat and refresh in some cold water.

Film Created by; Johanne Deffarges

Milestones – 13 mins – One day, two girls are born.  As they grow ‘Kendra’ and ‘Jo’ experience the same ‘milestones’ in their lives, but from very different viewpoints. The two have similar aspirations, but Kendra finds more obstacles in the way.  Will she realise her dreams?

Film Created by; Fun Young Individuals (FYI)

Final Cut – 4 mins  –  At odds with her new appearance after an impulsive trip with kitchen scissors to her hair a young girl battles with a sense of loss for the person she once was.

Directed, Edited, Filmed, written and narrated by Fiona Burton.

Grace – 10 mins –  Grace is in a dead end job and a dead end relationship. She uses photography to put a shield between her and the world. As her relationship gets worse with her boyfriend, her one escape is the friendship with co-worker, Connor.

A Film by Alex Cormac

Cast: Grace – Dany Dupuy, Connor – Colin McDonald, Dylan – Josh Dobinson

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