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15th - 17th November 2019, Edinburgh
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A variety of stories exploring the challenges of overcoming life’s obstacles

Programme Strands: YOUNG VOICES
Film Screening Sunday 18th November 2018, 14:30 to 16:00

There will be a Q&A with the film makers at this screening

City Sound – 2 mins

Two lonely humans meet through their odd passion for mixed-tapes.

Directed, Edited and filmed by Fiona Burton. Female Friend played by Katherine Miller and Male Friend played by Andrew Fleming. Music by The Ninth Wave.

Metropolitan Spaghetti – 7 mins

Metropolitan Spaghetti” is the tale of a lonesome Cowboy wandering the urban streets of a modern city. He faces constant rejection and humiliation as he desperately strives to make it to an unexpected destination.

Writer & Producer; Alex Matthew, Director & Cinematography Alex Cormac, Sound: Layth Abo Zaed

The Ultimate Lunch – 4 mins

An Office worker aims to achieve his ultimate work day lunch. With a motivational voiceover incongruous to his desires of lunch from various fast food chains. He has to organise his colleagues to fulfil this quest.

Writer, Director and Producer; Alexander Van Der Byl, Sound: Aonghus Mitchell

Satsuma – 3 mins

“Satsuma” focuses on two men quarrelling over a small piece of fruit in a world where things have taken a turn for the worse.

Writer & Director: Alex Matthew, Producer and Sound: Douglas Stalker, Cinematography: Stacey Harkins

Roaring Twenties – 2.5mins

A young man is closer to becoming a professional daydreamer than a successful business man… 

A Film by Jack Darrer

Cast: Colin Mcdonald & Bernadette Fakan

Freed – 2.5 mins

Retail worker works his repetitive job until he cracks, but what are the consequences?

Written & Directed by Finn McNeill, Cinematography:  Ross Stringer, Serena Jones, Sound: Will Moon

Jim Taylor – We are Warriors – 5 mins

Documentary about the life of a man who broke his neck in a rugby scrum 40 years ago   

Director, Producer & Cinematography: Matthew Glen. Lighting and Production Assistant: Glenn Robinson. Sound: Logan Nicholson

Knickerbocker Glory – 6 mins

Two ice cream men have a turf war

Writers: Alix Jamieson/ Laris Nicola Stephen/Craig Stewart, Director: Jack Darrer & Jason Stewart, Producer: Chloe Johnson, Cinematography: Calum McCready

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