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15th - 17th November 2019, Edinburgh
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A variety of stories exploring the challenges of overcoming life’s obstacles

Programme Strands: YOUNG VOICES
Film Screening Saturday 17th November 2018, 14:00 to 15:00

City Sound – 2 mins

Two lonely humans meet through their odd passion for mixed-tapes.

Directed, Edited and filmed by Fiona Burton. Female Friend played by Katherine Miller and Male Friend played by Andrew Fleming. Music by The Ninth Wave.

Metropolitan Spaghetti – 7 mins

Metropolitan Spaghetti” is the tale of a lonesome Cowboy wandering the urban streets of a modern city. He faces constant rejection and humiliation as he desperately strives to make it to an unexpected destination.

Writer & Producer; Alex Matthew, Director & Cinematography Alex Cormac, Sound: Layth Abo Zaed

The Ultimate Lunch – 4 mins

An Office worker aims to achieve his ultimate work day lunch. The film will have a voiceover of a motivational speech which is incongruous to the desire of the office worker, wanting lunch from various fast food chains. The film will illustrate the fact that the office worker wants to achieve something on a more cerebral level, but all he can think about is his lunch. All to be brought together in a short lunch time break. He has to organise his colleagues to fulfil this quest.

Writer, Director and Producer; Alexander Van Der Byl, Sound: Aonghus Mitchell

Satsuma – 3 mins

“Satsuma” focuses on two men quarrelling over a small piece of fruit in a world where things have taken a turn for the worse.

Writer & Director: Alex Matthew, Producer and Sound: Douglas Stalker, Cinematography: Stacey Harkins

Roaring Twenties – 2.5mins

A young man is closer to becoming a professional daydreamer than a successful business man…Inspiration for this film came from personal experiences of heading down a typical career path of accountancy as well as talking with friends that continue to work boring jobs that they hate  due to a lack of self belief.

A Film by Jack Darrer, Cast: Colin Mcdonald & Bernadette Fakan

Freed – 2.5 mins

Retail worker works his repetitive job until he cracks, but what are the consequences?

Written & Directed by Finn McNeill, Cinematography:  Ross Stringer, Serena Jones, Sound: Will Moon

Jim Taylor – We are Warriors – 5 mins

Documentary about the life of a man who broke his neck in a rugby scrum 40 years ago  

Director, Producer & Cinematography: Matthew Glen. Lighting and Production Assistant: Glenn Robinson. Sound: Logan Nicholson

Knickerbocker Glory – 6 mins

Two ice cream men have a turf war

Writers: Alix Jamieson/ Laris Nicola Stephen/Craig Stewart, Director: Jack Darrer & Jason Stewart, Producer: Chloe Johnson, Cinematography: Calum McCready

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