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27th - 29th November 2020, Scotland
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Short Film – MIND MAPS

A short Film programme exploring the nooks and crannies of the mind. This collection of films explores the wide range of both positive and negative experiences relating to the mind, including mental health, growing up, grief and imagination.

Film Screening Sunday 17th November 2019, 15:00 to 16:00

Leap – 10 mins

4 women from the same family share their experience with depression, from a 17 year old to a 56 year old. does it run in the family? can it be diminished? The Punk Buddhist Journalist, Stewart Campbell interviews each member of a Scottish family to see how they have dealt with depression.

Director, editor and interviewer: Stewart Campbell Interviewees with to remain anonymous

TRIGGER WARNING: Film about anxiety & depression

Le Fil De La Vie – 5 mins

A woman is stuck in the UK while something terrible is happening back home in France, she harasses a man passing her on the street. It seems out of the blue but when she goes back into her flat, we start to learn what made her act that way.

Writer/Director/DoP/Editor: Alex Cormack,                    Gaffer: Jack Darrer                                                                      Sound Recordist: Jack Watson                                                  Cast: Woman: Dany Dupuy, Man: Ronan Doyle

TRIGGER WARNING: Film about grief with strong language

F*cked Friday –  3 mins

A snail attempts to outrun adulthood but finds reminders of her looming future wherever she goes. A look at anxiety and avoidance through a smaller perspective.

Written, Directed and Edited by Fiona Burton.                      Music by Moonsoup.

Submerged –  7 mins

A psychological horror facing the fear of what your mind can conjure and what can become real. Zoe is a distracted young woman who feels on the edge of slipping into a nightmare through her generally pleasant life. One day she slips too far and finds herself drowning further and further down into the murky horrors of the deep that is her life.

Directed by Logan Nicolson,                                                    Written by Logan Nicolson and Niall MacRae,        Cinematography by Niall MacRae.                                              Lead role played by Isla Johnson.

TRIGGER WARNING: Upsetting images & Strong Language

Eaglefreik – 9 mins

A wildlife conservationist finds himself up against an unlikely nemesis. After the death of his partner, Sanson Eaglefriek sets out to continue with his work. With conservation in mind, Sanson soon comes across a perturbing sighting.

Writer, Director, Cinematographer: Louis Martin          Eaglefriek: Aaron Bisset                                                            Sound: Grant Robertson

2:34 – 7 mins

Stanley needs to meet a deadline and pulls an all-nighter going against his father’s advice to go to bed early. He didn’t see what kind of consciousness would come his way. Something isn’t right, this isn’t any all nighter. Someone…or something is watching, haunting him, especially when falling asleep.  MUST STAY AWAKE! MUST S……

This film was made as of Screen Education Edinburgh’s BFI Film Academy 10 week course.

Director: Blair Letham                                                        Producers: Coleen Brennan, Umar Mohammed                  Writer: Harry Whiteford                                                                  Assistant Director: Daniel Dunsmore                    Cinematographers: Beth Lindsay, Jack Currie                      Editor: ALL CREW                                                                      Lighting Department: Amy Haddow, Natasha Livingstone Sound Department: Megan McGlinchey, Patrycja Chrzaszcz Cast: Kyle Fitzpatrick as Stanley, Sean Young as Stanley’s Dad, Umar Mohammed as Shadow Figure.

TRIGGER WARNING: Contains upsetting images

Get Your Creative Brain Inspired – 3 mins

We take a look at the creative brain. Looking at the positives and the negatives and how creativity makes us feel. This is shown through animations and cinematic footage. Sucking you all into the world of creativity.

Director , Writer, Cinematographer:  Dayna Ledingham    Cast: Iona Ledingham and Dayna Ledingham

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