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27th - 29th November 2020, Scotland
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Short Film – The Empowered

The Empowered is a series of short films that tell stories about how people have pushed back against the challenges of society and owned it! Own it!

Film Screening Sunday 17th November 2019, 13:30 to 14:30

Golden Shadow – 5 mins

A young University student with difficulties connecting with others starts playing an online role-playing game called the Golden Shadow. In this game, she’s a brave hero who isn’t afraid of anything. She learns a lot from helping other people and begins to discover hidden parts of her personality under the guise of her in-game persona. But is the reality really so different from the game?

Director: Emilia Rubensson                                                        Lead actress: Maya Priestley

Power in Perseverance – 11 mins

Leith Depot is an independent music venue that encapsulates the passion of the wider Leith community. Threatened by closure due to developments, they are fighting for the right to remain open in a city of rapidly closing music venues. In a series of interviews with the owner, staff and regulars of Leith depot we will hear of their struggle, memories and hopes for the future of this venue.

Producer, Camera, Sound: Kaitlyn Roper                      Director, Camera, Editor: Michael Salmond                            Sound Mixer, Editor: Jessikah Boux                                        Sound Design: Alanah Walker

Prefer Not To Say – 9 mins

Charlie moves away from their traditional family home in the Highlands of Scotland to start university in a city. After chatting with some new friends at a party, Charlie starts to explore their gender. Taking full advantage of their new found freedom, Charlie breaks away from gender norms and grows into their new-found identity of non-binary. In a world so often confined by gen(der)erational expectations, Charlie finally finds comfort and happiness within themself and experiences true acceptance from their new friends.

Director/Writer/Cinematographer/Editor:  Maili Fraser  Lead Actor: Danni Cameron                                      Supporting Actors: Sean Gallagher, Linzi Reekie, Stuart Graham, Andrew Fleming, Edd Keele

Work in Progress – 5 mins

A short documentary about Alice Carnegie, an Edinburgh-based freelance illustrator. The film exhibits her process when creating art, the struggles she faces in her position and her advice to people wanting to enter the industry.

Written/directed/edited: Vincent Wolff                                Camera operator: Coleen Brennan                                          Sound operator:  Nancy Stevenson                                        Lighting: Hannah Cooper                                                    Interviewee:  Alice Carnegie

Dali On My Car – 12 mins

A mini-documentary illustrating a period in the life of Marie-France Saurat. As a writer, and later Editor-in-Chief, at Paris Match Magazine (1964-1996) she was instrumental in bringing art criticism to a Global audience of over one million readers per month. The title ‘A Dali on My Car’ reflects both on the transience of a drawing Salvador Dali drew in the dust on her dirty car, and how she wishes not to be remembered but ‘…burned to ashes and thrown into the Mediterranean’

Tom Hutton – Creator                                                                  Marie-France Saurat – Subject

The Brave –  6 mins

‘The Brave’ gives voice to those who often feel they have none. We feel that Scottish identity is in a state of disrepair, and our condition as a nation can be best portrayed through individual experience. We feel it is these individual voices that are important and must be listened to. In our current political state, Scotland’s place both within the UK, and in a larger international context, feel insecure. And we hope that ‘The Brave’ reflects this fundamental insecurity and national feeling of unrest.

Director/Writer: Fraser Scott & Iona Ramsay                      Lead Actor: Cameron McNee                                                  DoP: Hannah Hunter                                                                            1st AD: Fionnuala McCann                                                        Sound Recordist: Eli Henslee                              Editor/Colourist: Joe Helm

CONTENT WARNING: Strong Language

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