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27th - 29th November 2020, Scotland
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A programme of short films showcasing different techniques, made by young talented filmmakers who we think will inspire you to get up and follow in their footsteps.

Film Screening Saturday 16th November 2019, 10:00 to 11:30

There will be a Q&A with film-makers at this screening

Against The Current –  15 Mins

Roz feels dissatisfied with her everyday life – but after she begins to follow some mysterious signals all is set to change. She lives a grey repetitive life in the city until she begins to follow strange, aquatic signals from the universe.

Director’s – Delilah Niel & Anna Whealing                                Writer & Cinematographer – Delilah Niel                              Producer – Anna Whealing                                                        Assistant Producer – Rosie Wilson                                            Music composed and performed by Rosie Wilson                Sound Design – Vigo Love

Roz played by Laurie Presswood                                              Bradana played by Misha McCullagh

String Theory –  4 mins

A young woman finds herself bound with a length of red string. Seemingly, the string goes on endlessly. She follows its path only to find it attached to a bench in a park.

A Film by Delilah Niel                                                                  Starring Dorothy Gepner

Making a Comic Con – 9 mins

How do you make a Comic Con? A documentary following the organisation and execution of the independent, Dunfermline Comic Con. Also focusing on the community, family and shop – The Little Shop of Heroes – where it all comes from.

Filmmaker – Ryan Scott                                                              Little Shop of Heroes – Alby Grainger, Louise Grainger and Sinéad Grainger

Last Execution10 mins

A race against time drama about detectives questioning a notorious serial killer. Set in 1962, two police detectives interview serial killer Harry Drummond about the location of a missing school girl before his execution.

Writer, Director, DoP, Editor & Actor – Sean Scullion      Producer, Sound Design & Actor – H.Neil Thomson              Actor – Russell Tokdemir

Bus Boy – 5 mins

Life is full of distractions, but for this boy, literally everything is a distraction. It got to the point where he missed stopping the bus, not once, not twice, so many times! When will he get on the bus? Will he get the bus?

Cast: Neil Drew, Jade Meldrum, Ellen Jamieson, Barney Jamieson                                                                                Filmmakers & Editors: Jack Currie, Neil Drew, Ellen Jamieson, Jade Meldrum

On The Blue Meadow – 6 mins

After a difficult break-up, a young woman is reflecting on the lack of love she received from the man that broke her heart. She traces this relationship back to its very roots in what seems to be a distorted memory of events. The film is a love letter to a friendship that is there no matter the wreckage.

Director: Eva Magdic Govedarica                                            Writer: Eva Magdic Govedarica, Hana Grdan  Cinematographer: Eva Magdic Govedarica, Martin Dragun Sound design, Editor: Eva Magdic Govedarica                Composer: Tom Macfadyen                                                        Key Cast: Hana Grdan, Eva Magdic Govedarica


A Fans Mail (Tron Song Suite II) – 3 mins

A day in the life of an upper-city alley cat. A cat loses one of its lives, roams through the city (encountering fun and danger in equal measure) only to return home to be with its owner

Created by Adam Wright (BrainPaint Productions)                  Music by Thundercat

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