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15th - 17th November 2019, Edinburgh
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Short Film – YOUNG MINDS

A short film strand exploring a variety of stories and experiences from a young person’s perspective.

Programme Strands: YOUNG VOICES
Film Screening Saturday 17th November 2018, 17:30 to 19:00

There will be a Q&A with the film makers at this screening

The Bear Necessity – 5 mins

7-year-old Robbie has a rare gut condition that he struggle’s to cope with. We follow the journey of a very special teddy bear from it’s factory in England to Robbie in Glasgow and see how it changes his life.

Writer & Director: Eilidh Gow,Composer: George Reece

Hunting for Jim – 6 mins

A trip to the Scottish Highlands doesn’t go as planned for best friends Jim and Mike when they encounter the local pub.

Writer:  Suyin Smee, Directors; Cameron Robertson & Pablo Alvarez-Lcaz, Sound Designers; Suyin Smee, Pablo Alvarez-Lcaza & Cameron Robertson, Cinematographers; Beth Kirkland & DJ Paton

Screen Education Edinburgh & BFI Film Academy

Food For thought –  6 mins

A grumpy, mean chef is shown the error of his ways.

Made by young people at Edinburgh Film Academy and Writer / Director: Graham Kitchener

One Punch Kid – 7.5 mins

Fed up of being pushed around, Jackson may have found a way to overcome his troubles after advice from a hobo. 

Writer: Oscar Sinicki, Director: Kitty Darling, Cinematographer: Ellen Francis & Nicky Kelly, Sound Designer: Alanah Walker

Screen Education Edinburgh & BFI Film Academy

A Simple Film Buff – 5.5 mins

A personal documentary piece about one man’s relationship with film.

A Film by Sean Scullion

Jyf by Banano 5 mins

He is an alien pilot who can see ultraviolet. A short story about our favourite extraterrestrial neighbour. And his name, is JYF!

Writer’s: Bananö and Aidan Feherty, Director & Producer: Amaya Powers Fernandez, Cinematography: Finn Mackenzie, Sound: Quimsaina Powers Fernandez

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