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27th - 29th November 2020, Scotland
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Programme Strands

Our Programme strands emerged from the ideas, interests and passions of the FANS Youth Team and their enthusiasm for celebrating a new generation young Scottish film makers.

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All About Access

FANS Youth Film Festival aims to provide opportunities and inspiration for young people who want to work with film and explore the creative possibilities and benefits of this wonderful medium. We also hope to showcase the opportunities that are available for access to the industry for young people interested in forging a career in Film and Television.

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We have all grown up with the wonderful world of Animation, a gem of the silver screen. This art form takes so much time, dedication and patience to get made and is part of the screen industries that we don’t think is talked about enough or given enough help to access. We want to celebrate animation at FANS Youth Film Festival and feel very lucky that Nuria Gonzalez Blanco, will be joining us for a masterclass. We are delighted to be collaborating with the ECA’s animation department on the other events in this programme Strand

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Climate Crisis

Climate change is the most important and urgent crisis that humanity faces today. It is the young people that are standing up to those who are making the wrong decisions. Greta Thunberg is an example of how young people are changing old ways. How they are using their voices louder than ever. We feel that it is important to use film to our advantage – it is the single most powerful way to get something across to the biggest audience in the shortest amount of time. If young film makers put their skills to use, we can spread the word faster and bigger than we could ever imagine.

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Film-making 101

Film making 101 is a festival strand because we feel strongly about inspiring young filmmakers to go out and create their own films and overcome the constraints facing them. With this strand we hope to cover the basics of film making and have have a great selection of practical workshops and discussion events includingscript-writing, casting, producing and distribution. We are collaborating with EIFF Youth on this festival strand.

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Mental Health

Mental illnessis one of Scotland’s major public health challenges, with around one in three people estimated to be affected by mental health issues and 1 in 10 children from the age of 5 to 16 with a diagnosable mental illness. There is considerable stigma surrounding this topic and the majority of people suffering from mental health problems have experienced some form of discrimination. We have chosen this strand at the Film Festival because of it’s huge importance and because we feel that film can be used to share peoples experiences and fight against stigma. We aim to provide a safe space for learning and holding important conversations about the different issues people face.

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Social Spaces

We have created a number of social and networking spaces over the festival weekend. We hope you will make new friends, create new film making teams and grow as a community. Please gather around the pizza, meet fellow film enthusiasts and hatch some amazing film ideas for next year’s festival. We have created this festival driven by a love of film and we hope to be able to share some of that passion with you.

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