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27th - 29th November 2020, Scotland
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Behind the Scenes

Eden Mill Programming Residential

Everyone was delighted to get back together for the Programming Residential. We started the weekend together by getting our Youth Team Hoodies out of the box.  As usual with all of the FANS Residential’s we ate well and worked hard for 3 full days – at the end of which, we had created 6 short film programmes screening 34 short films, had placed 40 events over the 3 days of the festival, did a marketing workshop, had a BBQ and played plenty of advanced connect 4

The New Youth Team at Loch Tay Residential

The New Youth Team met for the 1st time at Loch Tay Farmhouse in Perthshire. The 9 young people who were recruited through Film Access Scotland organisations were supported by a small staff team over three days to build their team and plan for the 2019 FANS Youth Film Festival.

The 2018 FANS Youth Film Festival

Following a 9 month development and design process – the FANS Youth Team hosted and presented a fabulous weekend celebrating youth made film at the STUC in Glasgow. The Youth Team welcomed 300 people over the festival weekend and generously shared their love of film, pizza and learning…..

The weekend was jam packed with workshops, panel discussions, film screenings, networking events and masterclasses. The Youth Team took over the STUC and created an open and friendly atmosphere for the young people attending the festival….

I loved the fact that it was free as it made it very inclusive for anyone wanting to see the films and I was grateful for the bursary as I wouldn't have otherwise have been able to afford to come down to see my films.
Chloe Johnston

We were delighted to give awards to the following outstanding films;

  • The FANS Youth Team Award went to Louis Martin for Box of Frogs. 
  • The Audience Award went to Metropolitan Spaghetti, which was produced during the Aberdeen BFI Film Academy
  • Best Under 12’s film went to Dalry Primary School & Room 8 Studio’s for  A Place That Is Mine.
  • Achievement in Sound went to Fiona Burton for City Sound.
  • Achievement in Cinematography  went to Jakub Sirkowski for Butterfly.
  • Best Story went to Dora Cowper for Hindsight.

The Winning Film Challenges were:

  • No Dialogue – A Longest Introduction by Fraser Young.
  • Social Issues – A Simple Love by Kate Stone.
  • Animation – Lada by Eva Evic.
Congratulations on the festival, which clearly acheived its goals in offering young people incentive, opportunity and information on the film and tv industry as presently constituted. • Great festival, hope it returns and gets bigger with more film screenings

The beginning of the process for the FANS Youth Film Festival began way back in February 2018 in deepest rural Perthshire when 12 young people from all corners of Scotland were brought together to begin the process of designing and developing their very own Youth Film Festival……

Bunrannoch House

The Youth Team met for the 1st time at Bunrannoch House in rural Perthshire in February 2018.  It was here that they bonded over Stacks and a love of film.

Everyone worked really hard and made some really important decisions about the ethos and identity of the festival as well as mapping out the training and development needs of the team to be able to deliver a film festival.

The weekend was really good fun, everyone worked well together, played well and supported each other at the beginning of the Film Festival Journey. We left Bunrannoch House excited and looking forward to the next 9 months  activity.

Glasgow Short Film Festival

The Youth Team wanted to attend a Film Festival so they could experience 1st hand how it all worked.  The whole team went to Glasgow Short Film Festival (GSFF) in March 2018. They met with a Noel Goodwin from The BFI’s Future Film Festival and Helen Wright from SQIFF.  They talked about their experience of organising film festivals and gave their top tips to the Youth Team.

The Team explored the festival programme, they watched numerous short films, went to workshops and networking events and by the end of the weekend they had a good idea of how a film festival worked – they knew what they liked and what they didn’t.

It was also a good opportunity to explore the city they had decided to hold the festival in.


Our Postcard

The Team, working with graphic designer Pearse O’Halloran had decided upon a identity for the festival and we’d produced a marketing postcard to encourage young people around Scotland to submit their short films to the festival.

Stirling Tolbooth

The next time the Youth Team gathered was in Stirling at The Tolbooth for a full day’s planning and organising. We talked about how to watch films critically, about marketing and social media, we talked about workshops and masterclasses.  Then we made a time line for the year and stuck up numerous post-it notes and by the end of the meeting the team had decided to move the festival from October to November in order to make more time for people to submit their films.

EIFF - The Young and The Wild

We decided to attend The Young and The Wild at EIFF and launch our Social Media strategy.  We had a workshop with Dr Jennifer Jones, a social media teacher before the festival started – and then the team went to events and workshops and then they tweeted and posted and shared and liked! The Young and The Wild was very different to GSFF – it was less about watching films and more about access to the industry. The Youth Team attended as many events as they could and once again what they liked and what they didn’t like – further refining what they wanted for their own festival

Siobhan at The Young and the Wild

Back to Bunrannoch

The Youth Team were delighted to get back to Bunrannoch House to reconnect and work out all the finer details for programming and organising the festival.  We invited Richard Warcden of Document Film Festival to be our Guest Tutor for the weekend – he shared his extensive festival programming experience and supported the Youth Team’s ideas.

Being a Guest Tutor at August 2018's residential for the FANS Youth Film Festival was both an intensely rewarding and humbling experience. What made it remarkably beneficial for me was to witness refreshing dedication and enthusiasm. Surprisingly, I was challenged to consider my own levels of knowledge and passion in the face of stellar work by the young people involved towards putting on an accomplished event. Nascent abilities were ably encouraged, and were demonstrated in varied, and even delightfully disarming, ways. I left Bunrannoch House feeling that, for its own benefit, Scottish film exhibition would be well advised to support the 2018 FANS Youth Film Festival team well into the future - the participants have much to offer.
Richard Warden - Document Film Festival
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