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27th - 29th November 2020, Scotland
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Meet the Team

Youth Team

Liam Campbell, Screen Argyll

I’m Liam, and I am seventeen from Oban. I have been part of the BFI’s Film Academy, run by Screen Argyll where we focused on amination. I really like art, music and photography, especially since the BFI week. I love films, especially a good musical, but I also enjoy a nice hidden meaning. If I get to watch it in the cinema, even better! I hope from joining the FANS youth team I will be exposed to new areas of film, get to meet new people, discuss films and understand what it takes to organise a large event.

Alannah Dunipace, Media Education

Hello my name is Alannah and I’m from Arbroath in Angus. I enjoy art and music. I wanted to be a part of FANS as I always like to throw myself into new things and I have experience with working with media also I would like to have better understanding of behind the scenes, hopefully learn new skills and meet new people.

Rowen Henderson, Eden Court

Hey, I’m Rowen, I’m 17 and from Nairn in the Highlands and I love making and sharing films. I like to think it’s possible for us to make great films and still take care of ourselves in the process through things like getting sleep, exercise and being able to see our families – it is at least something I think we should strive to improve in the industry! I’m looking forward to seeing what is getting made and the people behind it.

Holly Louise Kelly, W. Dunbarton Youth Council

I’m Holly Louise and I’m from an area called West Dunbartonshire I wanted to be a part of this team because I want to make sure everyone enjoys the festival and has a good time. I enjoy reading and this is how I usually spend my days off especially when I’m stressed.

Farrah Dunn, Y-Sort It

Hey, my name is Farrah and I am from Alexandria, west Dunbartonshire. My interests include photography, being out in nature and listening to music. These have allowed me to have a creative personality. Which Is why I joined the team as I am looking forward to being able to be a part of it.


Dylan Hepburn, SHMU

my name is Dylan. I’m from Aberdeen and I love to be creative. I joined the youth team to create a film festival because I have an interest in film and also I like working in a team. I hope I can be useful to the team and create a great experience for the festival.

Maisie Pirrie, Screen Education Edinburgh

My name is Maisie, I’m nearly seventeen, I’m from Dunfermline and I came on to the team through the BFI project with Screen Education Edinburgh. By joining the FANS youth team, I hope to get the chance to meet new people with similar interests and learn new things. In the future I hope to go to university and get a job in the film industry.

Zadok Paul-Ebhohimhen, Eden Court

Hi! My name is Zadok and I’m from Inverness. I love playing basketball as well as video editing in my spare time. I joined the team after it was recommended to me through a film leader, so I looked into the event which looked like fun and I applied!

Kacie Brownlie, Gmac Film

My name’s Kacie & I live in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, where I spend a considerable amount of my free time watching TV and movies. I’m passionate about filmmaking and the organisational element, thus, ecstatic to be a part of the 2020 FYFF where I get to work behind the scenes to help make the festival a roaring success.

Scot MacKenzie, Eden Court

My name is Scot Mackenzie, i’m 18 and i’m from Inverness. I adore the craft of filmmaking, particularly writing and directing. I hope to one day pursue this as a career. I joined the fans youth team to meet more likeminded creative individuals who have the same passion for film like I do.

Callum McArthur, Media Education

Hi, I’m Callum, I’m 20 years old and I’m a massive fan of film and TV. I am currently studying Creative media at Nescol. I’ve liked filmmaking ever since I was in primary school and I’ve been creating films ever since.

Kirstin Hardie, Screen Education Edinburgh

Hi, my name is Kirstin. I’m 16 and from Edinburgh. I heard about the team through Screen Education Edinburgh and was excited to join. I love film, photography and any form of expression of the human mind. I hope this experience will teach me important skills and that we will have a good time putting on an amazing festival.

Staff Team

Frances Higson

Hi I’m Frances – the Project Manager for FANS Youth Film Festival.  I am a film maker and festival organiser. I  love film and feel very lucky to be working alongside a group of young people who are so passionate about creating a fantastic film festival that celebrates youth made film.

Lori Wilson

Hello! I’m Lori, I’m based in Aberdeen where I work with shmu. I’ve been supporting the FANS Youth Team for three years or so now! I love working with young people from across Scotland and learning about how the different Film Access Scotland organisations approach film education.

Shaun Glowa

Shaun is volunteering as a Youth Support Worker for the FANS Youth Film Festival. He is part of the production team at Media Education, using filmmaking and storytelling to help develop communities and individuals.

Anthony Chalmers

Hi! I’m Anthony, I’m a filmmaker and the project coordinator at GMAC Film in Glasgow. It’s great to be working with young people from different backgrounds to create this unique, passionate, youth led festival!

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