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16th - 18th November 2018, Glasgow
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Meet the Team

Youth Team

Siobhan Moffat, Screen Education Edinburgh

I’m Siobhan, a 20 year old aspiring screenwriter and actor, currently involved in projects at Screen Education Edinburgh and I am hoping to attend university to study film further in the new year. I got involved with FANS because I truly believe that film and the arts in general, being fully accessible for everyone is incredibly important, as it creates opportunities to meet new people, teaches people a variety of transferable skills and a safe space for self-expression.

Joshua Bisson, Media Education

Hi, I’m Joshua Bisson. I am a 17 year old person who loves films and just media in general. I became a member of the FANS youth team because I was a member of Dalry Film Club. The reason film is so important to me, is because I believe it can make people empathise with unique situations that may not match their own. Also films can literally change minds and help the world become a better place.

Emily Howie, Station House Media Unit

Hello! My name is Emily and I am 18 years old.  I am from Aberdeen representing SHMU, this was where my love for filmmaking was born. I have completed the BFI Film Academy and recently Graduated College from studying HND in Television.  I always like to be behind the camera, never in front of it!   The FANS journey has been amazing so far and I look forward to seeing you at the Festival!

Angus King, MacRobert Arts Centre

I love stories. I’ve been obsessed with both finding and telling stories my whole life. Films, video games, comic books, wrestling, all of my interests rely on storytelling. FANS Youth Film Festival might be the greatest story I’ve taken part in yet, and that’s because we’re giving people a platform to tell the stories they want to tell.

Rachel Baldie, Dundee Contemporary Arts

Hi, I’m Rachel, I’m from Dundee and I’m a History student. I joined the Youth Team because I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some experience in things like programming a short film festival. I also wanted to bring a perspective to the Youth Team to ensure that people who aren’t filmmakers can enjoy the festival.

Dylan Paterson, Voice Of My Own

I am a dynamic, fun loving, young person on the cusp of the next great chapter in my life.  Being a part of an organisation like VOMO has given me great opportunities such as being involved with FANS.  I also am a very keen musician and performer with original songs, I hope to pursue this as a career with my Dad.

Leigh Riddick, Gmac Film

Hi, my name is Leigh Riddick, I am eighteen-years-old and I am on the FANS Youth Team representing GMAC. I have written my own short-film film with the BFI and the NFTS earlier this year. When I joined FANS I was intrigued at the prospect of running our own film festival and was excited knowing that we would be contributing toward helping other young people get more involved in the industry. I hope we achieve a festival that is memorable but most importantly, inspiring.

Brendan Duggan, Gmac Film

Brendan Duggan is an aspiring Film-Maker and Journalist from Glasgow. He began filmmaking in his final year of high school and since then has completed courses in the BFI Academy, NFTS residential and has made numerous short films.  He is currently studying Journalism at Edinburgh Napier University hoping one day to work and succeed in the media industry.  “I wanted to build a Scottish youth film festival for young film-makers like myself to showcase their work and be inspired by others around them.”

Kaitlyn Roper, Screen Education Edinburgh

I’m Kaitlyn, a 20 year old filmmaker from the Scottish Borders, currently living and studying film making at Screen Academy Scotland in Edinburgh. I got involved with FANS because I love film and believe that more young people should have the opportunity to get involved with it and see it as a viable career option.

Glen Christie, Station House Media Unit

What’s the haps? My name is Glen and I am 17 years old. I joined FANS through my local radio station SHMU FM in Aberdeen. I am a huge lover of film and love introducing new people to new films. Hopefully you’ll come along and watch yourself a few films!

Conor Milne, Media Education

I’m Conor, I’m 19 years old. Film is one of the things I’ve got a lot of joy out of since I was young. I can watch any film no matter how bad it is and still find something I like, and I’ve seen the Harry Hill movie! I got involved with the FANS Youth Team to meet other young people who like film just as much as me. I think the FANS Youth Film Festival is a great opportunity for young people like me to get out there and be a part of the film industry.

Liam Wheelan, Voice Of My Own

Hi I’m Liam,  a 19 year old content creator for film and radio originally from the Scottish Borders recently moved to Dundee to explore other parts of beautiful Scotland.  I got involved with fans because i love film and i would like to see more young people get the chance to do what I do.

Staff Team

Frances Higson

Frances is working as Project Manager on FANS Youth Film Festival. She is an experienced film maker and festival organiser and firmly believes in the power of film to influence positive social change.  Previous work includes Radical Film Network Scotland,  The Magdalene Sisters’, ‘United We Will Swim Again’ and Camcorder Guerilla’s. Frances has made several award winning short films, feature films and documentaries.  She also works in film education.

Amber Saunders

Amber joined the FANS team, as assistant coordinator, in June 2018. After graduating from university with a BA in Film making and Screenwriting, she worked as a freelancer and produced several short films, one of which is award winning. Amber also works at the Film Access Scotland founding member organisation GMAC Film.

Carina Haouchine

Carina is a young filmmaker who joined The FANS team as an assistant coordinator/caterer for the Youth Team’s residentials. She’ll be in charge of the kitchen over the festival weekend providing food and music in a space for delegates to relax and network.  

Chris Bowman

Chris Bowman is working as technical coordinator for the festival weekend – he is a filmmaker, writer and sound designer. He works as a freelance editor, tutor/lecturer, and technical consultant to film festivals, and has supervised many pop-up cinema events for different organisations. As co-founder of the Document Festival, he was Technical Co-ordinator for the first 12 years, and is now a member of the Document Board.

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