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27th - 29th November 2020, TBC
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Meet the Team

Youth Team

Alhadji Mauricia , Gmac Film

Hi I’m Alhadji, I’m nearly 20 years old, and just like you, fellow film enthusiasts, I have a deep love and passion for film.  In my case it’s not just one thing about film, but the whole package whether it’s film scores, cinematography, story, acting or directing – I want to be a part of all of it which is why I got involved in FANS Youth Film Festival. I’m hoping that FANS will be a stepping stone into the film industry for me.

Angeina Conte, Gmac Film

I’m Angelina, and I’m from Glasgow, representing GMAC on the youth team. I’m an aspiring screenwriter but I’m interested in many aspects of filmmaking. I joined the FANS youth team because I thought it would be a challenge to be involved in planning a film festival and because I want to help create a platform for the work I know young people are capable of, and discover new, youth made film while we’re at it.

Georgia Ayres, Station House Media Unit

Hiya, I’m Georgia Ayres. I’m 18, studying Media at RGU. I have worked with BFI on different projects such as creating a short on a residential and joining alongside SHMU with mentoring teens new to film-making. I joined FANS film festival, as it is mainly youth lead, this interested me as it is a lot different compared to other festivals I have been able to help on. I think the opportunity to organise most of the programme getting in people for talks and workshops we ourselves makes it all the more special.

Bethany Reid, Station House Media Unit

My name is Beth, I’m seventeen, I’m from Aberdeen and I came on the team through the BFI project with SHMU.  I am very inspired by the artistic side of film and my plan is to go to University for either film or art.  Throughout our planning of this festival I am aiming to gain a wider understanding of event planning and the film industry.

Calum Tyler, An Lanntair

I’m from the Isle of Lewis and have volunteered with An Lanntair.  I have always had a love for films particularly animations and am working towards a career in animation.  I’m really looking forward to the festival and seeing all of the amazing submissions.

This could be You, soon!

We’re on the look out for new Youth Team members for our 2020 Festival. The FANS Youth Film Festival is keen to hear from young people aged between 16 and 25 who are interested in film and have time to help design and programme a film festival.

George Johnson, Screen Education Edinburgh

Hi, I’m George and I’m 18 years old. One day I would like to write and direct films and create a couple of TV shows. I start college in September studying Media and Communication at HNC level and alongside this course I plan to write a screenplay for a film or a TV pilot. I have been previously involved with Screen Education Edinburgh, where I completed three film-making courses with them and in August I am attending an eight day film-making residential with Screen Ed and the BFI.

Jade Meldrum, Media Education

Hi, I’m Jade. I’m an 18 year old from Edinburgh studying film and media at Queen Margaret University. I’m really into art, music, film and photography. My creative side really kicked off at the age of 14 when my dad bought me my first acoustic guitar and ever since my love for the creative arts has grown exponentially. By joining the FANS Youth team, I hope that I get the chance to learn new things and meet new people all while expressing the way I see film to others my age. I also hope that this festival truly inspires young people to really put themselves out there and discover what they love as I did.

James Martin, Station House Media Unit

Hi my name is James and I’m a film and music guru. I’ve been into film and music since I could think coherently and can play keyboard and sing… my friends and family would disagree.  I joined up with the fans film festival as I hope it will help me get a better understanding how to critic films better, learn new skills and meet new people

JD Grant , Voice Of My Own

I am 24 and originally from Cambridgeshire. My favourite film is Another Earth. I graduated from the University of Worcester with a degree in Screenwriting and Creative and Professional Writing. My goal in life is to be a writer in film and tv because I really love to tell stories.

Oskar Siniki, Screen Education Edinburgh

Hi I’m Oskar, i’m 18 years old and this years new member of the FANS team and I’m so glad to be part of this team. I’m a film goer probably just like you so don’t be scared to come up to any of us and just start a chat about films, the festival or anything else (fashion or photography with me!)

This Could be You, soon!

We’re on the look out for new Youth Team members for our 2020 Festival. The FANS Youth Film Festival is keen to hear from young people aged between 16 and 25 who are interested in film and have time to help design and programme a film festival.

Staff Team

Frances Higson

Frances is  Project Manager on FANS Youth Film Festival. She is a film maker and festival organiser. She has made several award winning short films, feature films and documentaries. Previous work includes The Radical Film Network Festival 2016 & 2018,  The Magdalene Sisters’ (Feature Film), ‘United We Will Swim Again’ (Documentary) .  She designed and delivered film education course Social Screen at the RCS.

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