Our members focus on outreach and connecting with individuals, groups and communities locally, regionally and nationally.

To achieve this, our members first focus on how people can access the opportunity and what could prevent them from accessing it. Identifying the barriers to participation and finding ways to remove them is central to the ethos behind our members’ approach. Our members work continually to create an inclusive and inspiring atmosphere. They offer physical and virtual spaces filled with a sense of permission and freedom where participants can be involved, enabling them to take part in new experiences, be creative and find their voice in an open and welcoming setting.

Our members offer these opportunities in a range of different ways, often in partnership with local authorities, other public sector bodies, the third sector, and cultural partners.


GMAC Film is a skills and talent development creative hub based in Glasgow, Scotland. Our mission is to empower young people, emerging film talent and independent filmmakers. We create open access points for all to enter the screen industry. GMAC Film have been championing diversity and striving for social equality within the screen […]

Media Education

Media Education is a community interest company who see the application of filmmaking as a tool for personal and community development. They help people share their experiences through radio and video production, creating positive change in their lives and communities. Working with a shared vision and a core belief that every person has […]

Plantation Productions

Plantation Productions is an arts and media charity based in Govan, Glasgow. Through creative participation we aim to improve wellbeing and address inequality. Our Making Art Matter programme provides opportunities to meet new people, develop creative skills and access professional media resources. Plantation Productions The Portal 978 Govan Road Glasgow G51 3AJ […]

Screen Education Edinburgh

Screen Education Edinburgh is dedicated to filmmaking for all, delivering high quality learning, training and production programmes that develop skills, knowledge and opportunities for young people, adult learners, schools, communities and film talent. Screen Education Edinburgh 30 Ferry Road Avenue Edinburgh EH4 4BA 0131 343 1151

Station House Media Unit

Station House Media Unit (shmu), is at the forefront of Community Media development in Scotland, supporting residents in the seven regeneration areas of Aberdeen in radio and video production, traditional and on-line publications, music production and digital inclusion. The organisation also supports disadvantaged communities, both geographic and communities of interest with an employability […]