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Media Education collaborate with NYAAG

Film Access Scotland members Media Education work with the National Youth Arts Advisory Group to make films on Arts Provision in Scotland

Media Education are helping the National Youth Arts Advisory Group (NYAAG) to express their opinions on arts provision in Scotland and develop their public voice. They have given NYAAG training in using film as an effective tool to deliver their message and reach a wider audience.

NYAAG was set up in 2017 through the Time to Shine initiative to help deliver Scotland’s first national youth arts strategy. They are a group of 35 young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who have a passion for the arts, creating positive change in the sector and enabling access for all. As young people, they give unique insight into the way youth arts are handled and what can be improved. They have worked with Creative Scotland and Young Scot to draft a report on changes they would like to see to youth arts across Scotland from 2021 onwards.

Daniel talks about how communities can benefit from creative hubs, learning through the arts and why it’s important to widen access to the arts by engaging people who may have previously been disengaged.

Emilie sets out the importance of giving young people the chance to be engaged and to voice their opinions when it comes to policy and decisions being made that will affect them.

Read the NYAAG report here

Involving our Members:

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