Camino To COP26

I crossed paths with the Camino to COP while I was working as a youth worker in the village hall of Ecclefechan. The walking group had planned to stay the night in the village hall once we were finished with our youth group.

With the Climate Challenge: 1.5 Degrees Films submission in my mind, I simply could not help but to then join them for a day of the walk as they happened to pass through my hometown of Lockerbie the next day.

I knew they would be passing through but did not know their route. I drove around the roads leaving my town for some time in the morning before fortunately, by what seemed like fate, I spotted the group just before they entered a forest to begin the main portion of walking for the day along the Annandale Way.

Moments after I arrived, they sang this song that they have been singing each morning when they embarked. It filled my soul with hope. As a youth worker I am concerned with projecting a voice of hope to the youth.

There was a sense of hope and purpose in the group’s every step of their long journey north. My intention is document for the world the sense of sacredness and hope of this pilgrimage walk to COP26.

To find out more detailed info about the Camino to COP 26 walk please see:

[I captured this movie (including the audio) entirely using my mobile phone camera and my customised gimbal system.]

Craig Irving

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