CAT – What Are We Going To Do About It?

As a youth worker, I was so inspired when I came across CAT (The Centre for Alternative Technology) that I couldn’t help but capture footage of it when I visited recently. It is lovingly dubbed ‘Hogwarts for hippies’ by my girlfriend who studies there. It certainly does feel like a magical and serene setting to obtain world class education in sustainability.

My intention with this short film is to provide the establishment which sits on the fringe of society a
small spotlight for a moment. My hope is that youth may feel inspired by seeing the film to go and
inquire about studying there and pursue hopeful training that the world sorely needs.

[ I captured this movie entirely using my mobile phone camera (even the shots of the drones were
captured on my phone camera from the screens in the visitor centre and then edited in post production.]

Jelena Yaz
Liam Rickard
Craig Irving

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