“Nitro” in relation to to nitrogen is a double edged sword – it’s an element that aids in plant growth, but also a key component in chemical fertilizers that endanger the natural ecosystem. The result of overfertilizing can cause a condition in plants known as chemical leaf burn. I relate this to the burning of film stock caused by the nitrate base. I see this as the mechanical equivalent to leaf burn as it is the reason why so much of film history has been lost whereas destruction of plant life is why our future could be lost.

Far too often climate change is explained through dry science and statistics that seem to put all the pressure on common people to change their behavior in hopes of saving the planet. In reality, this is out of their hands – big corporations are to blame. Through abstract imagery, “nitro” focuses on on individual emotional and spiritual connections to nature.

Director/cinematographer/editor: Eva Magdic Govedarica
Stock footage research/1st Assistant Director: Adam Lock
Music by: Tom Macfadyen, Amy Stewart

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