Youth Film Access Festival

A huge thank you to all who attended the 4th Edition of Youth Film Access Festival at Community Central Hall in Glasgow on the 8-10th April 2022. Thanks to all the team, guests and audience members’ positive spirit and support for all involved, there was a very warm and friendly atmosphere across the three days making it a very memorable weekend. We hope all who joined us found inspiration in the events and film programmes.

About the Youth Film Access Festival

The Youth Film Access Festival is co-designed and co-delivered with the Youth Team – a group made up of young people aged 16-25 from across our member and partner organisations.

The Festival is rooted in open and inclusive film access activities, and its same aims are:

  • To showcase the work of young filmmakers from our member organisations 
  • To provide a unique and accessible platform for new and aspiring filmmakers to showcase their work 
  • To provide a unique platform for young people to network with like-minded individuals while learning valuable skills for professional and personal development 
  • To celebrate our member organisations’ work produced through their film access activities with other key communities.

At first, I didn't have any clue that there were any film opportunities nearby, let alone in Scotland (since I believed film was only possible in international waters), so I was surprised to find out about the BFI held in SHMU and, by extension, I learnt about the Youth Film Access Festival.

The Youth Film Access Festival was an incredible experience to be part of. Everyone in the team was so chill and supportive of everyone and that environment helped me come out of my shell more. Also, the feedback I received to help me host events was helpful.

Jemima Siason, 2021-2022 participant.

See the Festival's Events Programme and Film Programme or have a look through the brochure below


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