20-minute Benefits & Connection

My film is on the benefits & connections and improvement to life from 20-minute neighbourhood climate change model. With active travel, green space, food growing, community wellness and community spirit. People helping people, reducing traffic, increasing active travel walking & cycling with inclusion, including wheeling for the less able. Reducing social isolation, offering safe community spaces & activities.

Film, Edit, Music, Production Sam Raion
with Steven Shaw ACC, Carol Baig ACHSCP, Rebecca Dunn Cfine, Lucia Urasa-Skiba ACC, Paula Southwick, Bon Accord Care, Aberdeen Gurudwara Team, Fresh SCIO team, SHMU/ Film access Scotland training group
Clips: BigWings, Polina Kovaleva, Rodnae Productions, Pavel Danilyuk, Mart Production, Ivan Samkov, Thirdman

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