My short film intends to confront people with the fact that our words alone are not enough to make a positive change on earth if they are not accompanied by awareness and actions. It also attempts to criticise the indiscriminate consumption of things we don’t need, which generates a lot of pollution.

A Pre-loved Christmas

The film is about the problem of over-consumption as a result of our throw-away society. It highlights a small but obvious solution, particularly at times of mass-consumption like Christmas – the giving of second-hand gifts. The film is about a teddy bear that is passed from generation to generation bringing joy to each […]

Be Aware Clean the Air

A collection of films produced by young people aged 8 – 12 as part of GMAC Film Easter Workshops. A mix of short stop motion animation and interviews with participants on what climate change is, what we can do to help, and what ‘Only One Earth’ means to them.

The North Wind Doth Blow

Documentary, Experimental The power of the weather and how it is affected by climate change with the devastation to local woodlands and how that changes rural communities with wider implications for all.

Beach Cleans

Made as part of Animation at An Talla – a collection of short animations made by participants of the animation event which looked at climate change and its affect on The Isle of Tiree.

Clean Green Aberdeen

The film is about how people in Aberdeen have started to think more about climate change after the recent extreme weather. The film also looks at how traffic in Aberdeen might impact climate and people’s health and the benefits of the new pedestrian zone.

Climate Change In Tiree

Made as part of Animation at An Talla – a collection of short animations made by participants of the animation event which looked at climate change and its affect on The Isle of Tiree.

COP26 – Global Day of Action March

Short video highlights from the Global Day of Action March for Climate Justice, filmed in the host city of Glasgow during COP26 on Saturday 6th November 2021. The message is about the power of people coming together from almost every nation on Earth to demand just and fair solutions to the climate crisis. […]


Made as part of Animation at An Talla – a collection of short animations made by participants of the animation event which looked at climate change and its affect on The Isle of Tiree.


The film shows what we have and what we can lose if nothing is done about climate change. It shows that time is running out for the natural environment which we depend on for humanity’s survival.

Eco Art

Healthy Minds ran various climate change workshops and eco printing was used as an engagement activity – while we did the activity we would talk about climate change and what difference we can make as individuals and as a community. The resulting prints were used to cover diamond books which participants then used […]


“One Earth” and “One with Earth” are much the same, I find. Mother Gaia, take me with you when you go. A film about our relationship to nature. This is a story of a little artificial tree encountering a real-life tree. People always consume too much without responsibilities, and the plastic tree is […]


With my film I want to express that we have distanced ourselves more and more from nature. Instead of living in harmony with each other, we put our needs before nature and thus harm the environment. What we leave behind in beautiful nature is only pollution and noise. With this film I want […]

EPOCH – A Space Symphony

Set to the tune of Bach’s Toccata in D minor, EPOCH depicts the grand symphony of life in the universe, and the inevitable spoilage of earth. Spanning from the first light of the big bang to the last fires of Man, the film addresses humanity’s fragile place in the vastness of space-time; retracing […]

First Steps To New Life

This film incorporates footage from the Govan Community Project Film Groups outings in nature at the beginning of spring. The film reflects on the steps that are necessary to preserve nature and protect humanity for the next generations.

How to Live More Sustainably

How To Live More Sustainably is about the changes that people can do in their local community to help reduce the effects of climate change. Climate change can be a very daunting subject to tackle, so I thought highlighting the small things people can do in or around their home might make it […]

Last Chance

To reinforce the message of this being our only planet. And artistic, distorted, expression and abstracted approach to landscapes that must be protected. Animation of the changing earth.

Last in Stock

This film is about how Earth was in a better state when it was younger without humans. Its showing how Earth grows and how much we have destroyed it and hurt it. We are the only one who can look after it and I wanted it to look like a modern Mother Nature […]


My film proposes that the expert research we have suggests that our future is uncertain and presents that our very survival is deeply dependant on how we respond in the midst of a clear and present multi-crises. It then goes on to provoke us to respond with sustainable solutions that display our commitment […]

Lesson Learned

History can provide us with useful lessons. While there has been expansion of knowledge, and progress in many ways, in others we are not so different than past variations. Despite how far we’ve come, it could be suggested that in some aspects, we are regressing. In this film a student queries the climate […]

Limivorous Mould

What will be left? Ruins, yes – but no creatures. Not even a cockroach can live on detritus alone. So what will be left to eat relics? To complete their descent into decrepity? The being eternal, since before us will live after. An experiment about decay, and what comes after the end.

Look After What We Have

I wanted to highlight how beautiful Scotland and our world is and that we have to look after what we have around us. The words on the film are entries which have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary in October 2021 relating to climate change – the addition of these words to […]


NoMoreNewPlastic is an art installation film shot on the banks of Loch Lomond. This piece aims to open up a discussion on how plastic is affecting our natural environment. From plastic clothes to plastic food containers and plastic instruments to plastic particles inside us, the world is drowning in plastic. With the title […]

Och Aye

This film is about Scotland’s possible future if the issues of global warming and climate change remain unresolved. The message is that global warming will affect everyone, including animals and wildlife, and that we must therefore make a change now.

Path To No Emissions

This film demonstrates cycling as a vital solution to the climate crisis. Through an interview with Bike For Good, a local bicycle charity in Glasgow, we see how cycling benefits the environment and people both mentally and physically. Cycling is a very simple solution to cut emissions and bring the community together.

Planet Heat

My film is about the planets rising temperatures/ global warming and shows an apocalyptic type of world that is a “prediction ” of how the planet is going to turn out if we don’t do something about it.


A short film exploring memories of the Glasgow Garden Festival, 1988. Using digitisation to archive and back up family photographs from the time, memories are shared by the filmmaker’s parents, based on the original print images. Exploring themes of regeneration and preservation, the film considers how the environment has been approached over time, […]


Imagining a much more positive future, where humanity has taken actions to limit global warming. I believe that people need to have hope in a future to act for it.


Our film is about how we all play a part in changing the negative habits of society and that it is important to let people know what they can do to make a difference.

Reusable Energy

A collection of films produced by young people aged 8 – 12 as part of GMAC Film Easter Workshops. A mix of short stop motion animation and interviews with participants on what climate change is, what we can do to help, and what ‘Only One Earth’ means to them.

Ring a Ring o’ Roses

‘Ring a Ring o’ Roses’ or ‘The Climate is Changing, Why Aren’t We?’ is a montage animation which shows that society is being lulled into a cycle of destroying the planet by our and our leaders’ obsession with money. It does this through a spin on the titular traditional children’s song. The cause […]

Rising Tides

My film is about a couple torn apart by rising tides, which displaces one of them as a climate refugee. Without a chance to say goodbye in person, Kate has one last letter to send to Amy, not knowing if it will ever be received. We always think we have more time, but […]

The Future – No Cup No Coffee

Prince’s Trust Team 2 Cardonald Campus linked in with the college Student Association and catering team to create a promotional video for Keep Cups, which can be purchased by both students and staff within the college. These cups reduce the amount of coffee cups disposed of by the college and in turn reduce […]

The Litter Picking Gremlin

Filmed down by the river Don, I sing a song about a mythical creature picking up litter. I hope you enjoy the film. I like to write songs for children to plant a good seed when they are young and hope it may come back to them when they are older.

To Bee or Not To Bee

Bees are under threat and the news that the UK Government are allowing the use of a previously banned pesticide which is known to kill bees is very alarming. This film highlights some facts and finishes with a link to an organisation working to save the bees.

Under The Sea

The film was made by the children of families that were attending the Family Learning Coastal Residential in Cullen in November 2021. The two-day family residential focused on Coastal Classroom Activities & the effects of plastic pollution on our global environment & marine life.

We All Share One Earth

A collection of films produced by young people aged 8 – 12 as part of GMAC Film Easter Workshops. A mix of short stop motion animation and interviews with participants on what climate change is, what we can do to help, and what ‘Only One Earth’ means to them.

Wee Craw

Film shows wee craw sitting on a wa’ crying because “there are nae trees at a'”, and then inviting all the local nursery kids to come and help plant a tree to keep the air we breath pure and clear. The message is that trees are the lungs of our earth and that […]

What Are We Doing To Our World

We were learning about how we impact climate change day to day and we wanted to share some facts on how much damage we are doing. We went out and took photos of day to day life and ways we can improve climate change by taking small steps. By the end of the […]

What Can We Do

GMAC Film Junior Workshops A collection of films produced by young people aged 8 – 12 as part of GMAC Film Easter Workshops. A mix of short stop motion animation and interviews with participants on what climate change is, what we can do to help, and what ‘Only One Earth’ means to them.

Farin’s Flock Of Sheep

We do not require the amount of meat that is being farmed all over the world. We can be greener by changing behaviour like consuming less meat, more vegetables, stop using plastic bags and use fuel free transport wherever possible. Film Access Scotland Creative Scotland Make Scotland Beautiful Bangladesh Association Glasgow Tareq Abdullah


This film consists of a series of short clips representing the current situation of icecaps melting, flooding, drought and fires raging, generating carbon dioxide. These are interspersed with options to alleviate the extinction scenario. The pace of the editing accelerates in the same manner as an uncorrected exponential temperature rise to drive home […]

Cop 26. The Peoples Perspective

This short film explores the ‘peoples perspective’ and questions whether 30,000 delegates travelling to Scotland for COP26 and the related carbon footprint defeats the actual purpose of the conference. Filmed at the ‘Youth Strike for Climate’ march in Glasgow, this film further captures opinions in song and image. Gabriel McNeill- Editor Salya Ishaq- […]


Business is good for Stew until the world outside starts to burn. It’s a good thing Stew has a can of green paint to get business back on track. The first animation from multi-award winning writer director Julia Taudevin, this satirical animation takes aim at corporate greenwashing because business and money will mean […]

Western Isles Youth Action Group

We are a group of young people in the Western Isles who care about our environment and want to help make a difference. We have taken part in the 1.5MAX global youth summit and we made this film to highlight the issues we care about in the western isles. Anna MacKinnon Domhnall MacNeil […]


Brand new fashion can use old technology like recycled plastic. Truly we need the beauty of nature more. Flowers are the best bling! Lita Doolan – Film maker and artist

Kirriemuir Together

Sustainable Kirriemuir formed a climate film lab of 3 local young people and an experienced local film maker met over 20 local people about the climate emergency. For 18 months we have filmed lots of the good stuff happening here across our community. There’s lots we had to leave out – but we […]

The Carbon Forest

Selecting “offset your flights” always felt too easy. How could I ever comprehend my carbon emissions, flying Sydney-Singapore-New York, premium economy, return, for a business trip? That’s 9.9 tonnes of CO₂e. 15 Eucalyptus viminalis seedlings to sequester one tonne. 149 trees. 2 full days’ planting: the land’s degraded and drought’s made it dry. […]

Camino To COP26

I crossed paths with the Camino to COP while I was working as a youth worker in the village hall of Ecclefechan. The walking group had planned to stay the night in the village hall once we were finished with our youth group. With the Climate Challenge: 1.5 Degrees Films submission in my […]


Really it is just a small film about the wonderful growth of community spaces and gardens in my time and around the city. It is about looking at partnership work, engagement and the thoughts of the challenges of the future. With the opportunity of COP26 – to bring thoughts and dream to the […]

Walking The Talk

The film is about the need to meet words with actions in order to stay below 1.5 degrees. Katie Gerardot Jenny Chalmers Ruth Box Eilidh Fernando-Campbell Bethany Dowell Simone Asamoah Catarina Hopes Jack Gerardot Evi Barzel Miren Daverin Katie Anderson Lexie Telford Sophie Baxter Morven Hardie Ishbelle Vernon Sienna Bryce Rose Grierson Adele […]

Do Your Bit

Our film is about everybody being able to do little things to make a difference. The message is we can all do our bit. Caleb Brownlee, Louisa Dick, Cole Dunbar, Lewis Gardiner, Martin Lamberton, Amy Macbryde, Maisie MacLennan, Tyler Morrison, Jayden Findlay-Robert’s, Katie Wilson

The Charity Sleepover

The message is to reduce, reuse and recycle clothes. The animation was created with the idea of a sleepover with friends and they all recycle their clothes. Primary 7M @ Dalry Primary School

Arctic Attack

This animation is about our oceans and plastic pollution. The plastic in the sea is getting worse and worse to devastating effect for the arctic animals. The message is do not put plastics into the ocean and recycle. Primary 7S @ Dalry Primary School

We Bottle Be Recycled

Easy and simple ways to recycle your used bottles as they are such a big part of what ends up being dumped. Everyone already knows why it is important to recycle in the first place, so I felt I shouldn’t repeat what so many others have said before but instead provide ways in […]

Sewing2gether All Nations

The UK is the fourth largest textile waste producer in Europe. “There is no such thing as away. When you throw something away, it must go somewhere.” – Annie Leonard Sewing2gether All Nations is a refugee assisting community organisation, providing creative workshops, promoting the philosophy of zero waste – specialising in textile upcycling […]

Climate Change

The message in the film is that we should stop climate change or hurt innocent animals and nature. Everything by me aka Ambre Deprez


‘Solastalgia’ is a condition similar to climate anxiety, which is being diagnosed increasingly frequently, and is the result of changes to local habitat which are outwith our control and often a result of climate change. We took a group of young people out to explore what parts of nature they appreciate most, what […]

Hyndland After School Club

This is a film planned, directed and filmed by children at Hyndland After School Club. It talks about polar bears, sea creatures and trees. All contributors: Kyrell Bracke, Rowie Bryce, Patrick Rooney, Clara Twynholme, Rose Campbell Downes, Ivy Mitchell, Amie Boni

It’s Only ONE

Our film is about littering. People need to change their habit of not putting things in the bin; taking it home; recycling the items they use; and waste consumption. We use plastic bottles in our film to create a clear message. Luqa Joseph Psaila John Francis Carmelo Psaila

How To Save The World

My film is about everyday changes people can easily make that will collectively help save our planet in the long run. It intends to educate while also remaining light hearted and comedic. Writer, cinematographer, editor: Max Lawrence

Wings Of Change

My film is the creation of a bird like creature made from cardboard and plastic from packaging. I want people to aware and know that there are things that can be done to change our climate problem. Produced by Willow Church Creative aid from Michelle Church


‘Storm’ follows the path of a 10 Meter puppet by Vision Mechanics on her street walk through the city of Dundee. She is the Goddess of the Sea who according to Vision Mechanics ‘has emerged from the deep to encourage us all to celebrate our seas, care for our coastlines and empower us […]

Litter Picking At Playtime

Our film is about the litter and rubbish in our community. The pupils wanted to raise awareness on rubbish in the town and created this report about how we can improve the litter in our school and beyond. The message is to put rubbish in the bin and reduce, reuse and recycle. Primary […]

Wetlands Future

Wetlands future is about protecting and re-introducing Wetlands in Scotland to stop anything bad from happening. A film by Christine Mclaughlin music by Paul Werner

No Cap

It’s about the dangers of pollution and greenhouse gases and how that can melt the artic. Directed and written by: Jamie O’Hara Narrated by: Jamie O’Hara


We’ve warmed our planet by an average of +1.19ºC since 1900. But Earth’s fragile Arctic regions are warming up to 4 times faster. Filmed & edited by Adam Sébire


With this film I wanted to help explain the huge scale of deforestation caused by humans in a way that would help people look at the problem differently. I was interested in the relationship of the film’s aspect ratio and the decline of the world’s forest coverage and I used that relationship to […]

One Point Five Degrees

The looming environmental disaster, rising sea levels, animal extinction & melting ice caps, if global leaders do not reach a deal to cap global warming to 1.5 degrees. Jan Graham


Life on Mother Earth balances on the precipice of life and death, facing imminent destruction, only love could reverse her fate. Nina Saleh Ahmed; unsplash.com

Aaron Underworld And The Asteroid

My film is animation about a world of anthropomorphic dinosaurs facing a potential catastrophic extinction event that mirrors ours, but much like us, not every ‘saur believes the asteroid is real, or such a big deal. Aaron Underworld the Archeroraptor is a news reporter stood outside the COD65 conference, asking some “comet deniers” […]

Humans Act Now

The short film is about the impact climate change has on our local communities. Litter, cars and plastic pollutions are harming our local communities and contribute towards climate change. The message of the film is to persuade more humans to act now to stop climate change. The central message is to influence human […]

The Going-on’s At GalGael

The film takes a look at what the small Glasgow based business GalGael is planning on doing for COP26 while also giving us information on how they started and what they plan to do in the future. Interviewee – David Lees Director – Brooklyn Baker Camera Person – Jamie O’Hara Editor – Brooklyn […]

Time For A Change

This short film focuses on Zero Waste and Recycling by conducting a public survey they present their findings in a News Report meets Mini-Doc narrative in ‘A Time To Change’. They visit a Zero Waste Refill Shop in the west of Glasgow to discover what we can do help the planet. Written and […]

20-minute Benefits & Connection

My film is on the benefits & connections and improvement to life from 20-minute neighbourhood climate change model. With active travel, green space, food growing, community wellness and community spirit. People helping people, reducing traffic, increasing active travel walking & cycling with inclusion, including wheeling for the less able. Reducing social isolation, offering […]

MacBean The Scottish Bean

Legumes such as beans are good for human health and good for the environment, does not require nitrogen and leaves the soil in good condition for the following crop. Also if it’s home grown it saves emissions of GHGs!!! Lorna Dawson

The Seantinel

The Seantinel offers a look into a solution for reducing the amount of pollution in our waters- seaweed farming. The film is aimed at general audiences, but especially kids, to inspire hope in the public and reassurance that there are still things that can be done to lesser the negative effects of carbon […]

In Hot Waters

My film highlights the climate issues that are present in the world today and what we personally can do to make a difference. It shows what we are doing as a society is killing our planet and hopefully puts across the message that we must act now. Made, Voiced and Written by Leoni […]

Oceans Of Plastic

Filmed conversation with young people at the project about climate change. Their responses created the title of the film. Amy, Lexi, X, Bibo, Brian and SHMU

Into The Wild

This is a story of a little artificial tree encountering a real-life tree. People always consume too much without responsibilities, and the plastic tree is abandoned by the human owner. Intimidated by the nature that it first encounters, the little tree misunderstands and attacks the huge tree, but the actual tree embraces the […]

Being A Role Model

I used a stop-motion made by children a few years ago about their journey to school. I added photos representing how, as a parent, I try to be a good role model for my children in terms of environmental issues. The film is an attempt to make other parents think and try walking […]

Keep Earth In Fashion

The film discusses the impact fashion has on the planet, the message is that we need collective action in communities and companies and people in power need to make the bigger changes. Blossom, Alia, Aisha, Shaddai, Thabo, Olivia, Sadie, Braden

Keeping The Balance

This film is drawn from an individual’s perspective on how overwhelming the climate crisis can be, and how to start taking action one step at a time. Two young visual artists have drawn and animated images to show their perspective. Illustrator & Editor: Ben Cunningham (Age18) Animator & Editor : Ella Cinjarevic (Age […]

1.5 ° Too Late

1.5° Too Late is a short film created by Toonspeak’s Connectors Eve Mathieson and Tayla Elis. This work encompasses themes related to the climate crisis. It signifies how destructive we have become towards our planet and that we must unite to take action. This film was in response to a bigger performative film […]

The Land Wants Us

Half of Scotland’s land is privately owned by just 432 owners and a mere 16 owners hold 10% of Scotland. We believe that a more socially just Scotland means more land owned by a wider proportion of Scotland’s citizens. Research shows that land owned by communities empowers these communities to make decisions and […]

Walking For Our World

For COP26, 30 pilgrims are walking across Europe to Glasgow. This film follows their arrival into Scotland, after journeys of more than 1,500km. Their mission is to tell world leaders at COP26 – and everyone they meet along the way – that we must act now to end the Climate Emergency. While the […]

I Will Survive

My film is about sustainability choices that are easy for everyone to make. I want people to WANT to try one of the suggestions in my video after watching it, and want to do better for the planet as a whole. Sara Hamilton

By Leaves We Live

Young people from two local primary schools were asked to explore the role and importance of green spaces and to think from the perspective of trees. This short film presents young peoples voices and portraits in a unique way using the Gorbals Rose Garden as a site to project their images and words. […]

Let Me Flourish

My video is a record of three weeks of growth of the planted seeds at my house. It is an attempt to show on a very small scale how beautiful plants are and how big impact people can have on them. Creator, Camera, Editor-Natalia Martiszewicz


In March 2020, with the first ‘lockdown’, my nephew started to grow vegetables for his family with encouragement from others. This year produced some entwined carrots which became the ‘carrocters’ and inspiration for my film TOGETHER where I bring nature, the world and time into focus with the current issue of the climate […]


“Overconsumption” is a film showing a character eating portions of meat at a fast pace, to satisfy his hunger. Τhe purpose of the film is to raise awareness of meat overconsumption. By consuming “moderately”, and including more plant-based foods in our diet, we would help to delay or even prevent climate change. Drawing […]

In The Heat Of The Moment

I filmed Australian climate scientists with their own thermographic imagers (heat cameras) to ask them about their personal responses to climate change — as citizens of the planet. Freed from the shackles of professional detachment to speak from the heart, their responses ranged from the depths of despair to cautious optimism. On the […]


“Nitro” in relation to to nitrogen is a double edged sword – it’s an element that aids in plant growth, but also a key component in chemical fertilizers that endanger the natural ecosystem. The result of overfertilizing can cause a condition in plants known as chemical leaf burn. I relate this to the […]

Save Our Planet

It is about how climate change effects our oceans. Rising temperatures are hurting marine wildlife, along with plastic pollution which comes from fossil fuels. It is urgent to spread the word to everyone and stop climate change! Artist and Director Laura Cameron Royalty free music by Zight

Wings Of Change

Wings of Change invites the viewers into a contemplation of the lives of three birds that live connected to humans in different ways. This contemplation can turn into a reflection about innocence and justice in the face of the climate crisis and the mitigation and adaptation associated with it. Writer and Director – […]

Slow Travel

Could “Slow Travel” be the answer to a jet-setting habit that’s hard to break? Grasping global warming had been very hard for my brain. I’d never seen 5.23 tonnes of carbon dioxide, much less any tangible evidence of what it would do to the environment. But suddenly my life was entrusted to a […]

The Heat of Homework

I wanted to place myself as a school child in a future where climate change had been allowed to run its course. A time where even normal, everyday tasks, like doing homework, are challenging due to the weather extremes brought on by global warming. Director, Actor, Camera Operator – Katie Cameron

Hot Hot Hot

We created an Animation showing drought in Hot Countries and how it affects the life of animals. Writer and Animators: Primary 7M Director: Lesley Sim

Reclaiming The Land – The Urban Garden

A film exploring a Glasgow community’s journey in reclaiming a piece of disused land and transforming it into a productive garden. This film aims to highlight the importance of building community, growing and redistributing nutritious food, and increasing biodiversity in the face of the climate crisis. Planting a garden together and developing community […]

The Beauty That We See!

Our film was filmed, written, directed and created by the pupils in the Eco-Group at Inverurie Academy in Aberdeenshire. The poem written by one of our pupils who was inspired by the lack of action taking place in response to the climate crisis. The poem was then set to pictures that a pupils […]

Play Your Part!

This film is to help people to understand what part they can play to minimise their negative effect on our climate. Parker Dawes

Charlie’s Ain Gulls

The Seagulls have had enough of humans treating the sea the way they treat their land. We are meeting the congress Gulls at COP26 to talk about the matter. If humans don’t respect the sea, the level of the sea will rise and there will be no more land. We need to act […]

Bubble Trouble

Global warming has already negatively affected humans and natural systems in this reality we never managed the 1.5 degree limit. A local family builds up an emergency bubble inside of their house waiting for the sea the rise and take their home. They created a space big enough to give shelter to their […]

Climate Action In Dalry

Our pupils wanted to raise awareness about picking up litter within the school and our wider community. This film shows us picking up litter and raising awareness on climate change. The message is to think and reduce, reuse and recycle. Primary 7S – Dalry Primary School

A Whale’s Tail

My film is gonna key in on the importance our whales have on our climate and the dangers they are facing. And voicing a solution. Sean Ferguson


My film is about the value of wind power. It’s a humorous look at how “God” may react to the way mankind is treating the planet, and how they could easily fix it. Writer/director/animator/voice actor: Libby Dyer Douglas

The Reset Button

‘The Reset Button’ is a film about climate change effects and how these could be extremely serious and non-reversible. The film encourages us to think about these consequences and how they would affect our planet if we don’t stop them on time. Ana Songel Garcia

Fast Fashion Dining

This film is an attempt to create a caricature of consumer behaviour when it comes to purchasing clothes. The reason we made this film is because we want people to be shocked into reflecting on the effects of their overconsumption on the environment. This film matters to us because we care deeply about […]

Squirrel’s Gonna COP It!

In Broich Road, where our school is situated, the green fields and open spaces that used to exist have been replaced over the last few years by schools, supermarkets and now by a housing development. Traffic has increased and wild spaces, spaces for nature and wildlife, have decreased. Just in the last year, […]

Save The Mussels!

When I saw a mussel shell on a walk, I put googly eyes on it and thought it looked very funny! I did some research about Mussels and found out they are very affected by climate change. The film built up from there. I wanted to make a fun, engaging film but with […]

AYF’s Call To Action

The young people of Arran Youth Foundations’ Eco Club wanted to make a film that looked at the problems faced globally, but specifically how these impacted them locally. Their passion for their own island home is obvious in the end result. Actors/Filmmakers – Megan Green, Caylyn Millar, Aleksander Klaczkowska Ideas – Megan Green, […]

Are You In?

I hope that the film will start a conversation about recycling. It is a parody of Dragon’s Den where I pitch to the big takeaway delivery companies an idea for them to create a system of recycling and reusing takeaway containers. In a format that is usually about producing more products, the film […]

The Bonny Beaches

My film is about how beaches in Scotland are being affected by climate change. Its aim is to make the public aware of the threats beaches are facing. Laura Kathiravel


A primate finishes a banana before looking for the new big thing. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, each major development in human evolution is overseen by a sleek, unearthly monolith. It stands tall and un-changing throughout time. I thought, could this concept apply to manufactured products? Could I swap the machined alien monolith […]

A Greener Way To Die

The way we dispose of dead bodies is harming the environment and causing climate change. The film shows two widely used (but bad) body disposal methods and talks about how they harm the environment. Then it presents a solution by showing a much better way you can dispose of your body when you […]
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