Walking For Our World

For COP26, 30 pilgrims are walking across Europe to Glasgow. This film follows their arrival into Scotland, after journeys of more than 1,500km. Their mission is to tell world leaders at COP26 – and everyone they meet along the way – that we must act now to end the Climate Emergency. While the pilgrims represent different faiths, they are united in protecting our Common Home – to respond, as Pope Francis teaches us, to the cry of the earth, and the cry of the poor. SCIAF helped arrange the Scottish leg of the journey, as the pilgrims carry their message across the country.

James Cave, Filmmaker
Wolfgang Löbnitz, Interviewee
Nicklas Adamsson, Interviewee
Chris Myers, Interviewee
Christine Koopmann, Interviewee
Gustav Fredriksson, Interviewee

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